Boiled Beans

This is not a complicated recipe. My mom often used this recipe as a very cheap meal when we were broke. It may seem silly to post a recipe for how to boil beans on my blog, but sometimes you really just need an idea for a very cheap, easy source of protein.

You can add spices as desired and serve with a salad and cornbread or on toast or on rice or just do what I used to do as a kid and smother the beans and broth in ketchup.



2 cups dry pinto beans (or any other variety of beans)

6 cups water, for cooking, plus more for soaking

Dash of salt and additional spices to taste

(This recipe makes about eight servings, adjust as needed)


You will need to start this recipe about 8 hours before you plan to eat. Don’t worry, you have to do barely any actual work during that time.

Pick over the beans and throw out any bad ones. Then cover in water, about an inch deeper than the beans. Leave them to soak for about six hours (or overnight or for as long as you’re away at work).

At the end of the soaking timeframe, drain the beans. Rinse them, then drain again. Cover with six cups of water or more (this water is going to turn into a nutritious and tasty broth which you will eat with the beans, so don’t skimp!). Sprinkle in a dash of salt. You will add other spices at or near the end of the cooking time; don’t worry about it now.

Bring the pot to a boil, then reduce the heat and allow the beans to simmer for two hours. If you want to add any seasoning, add it when there is about 10 to 15 minutes of cooking time left.

Serve hot.