There’s a revolution going on.  It’s a continual movement toward freedom and justice, away from ignorance and oppression.  There are revolutionaries everywhere, moving all of humanity forward one little step at a time, each in their own unique way.  We are all so often written off, dismissed, silenced, defeated, marginalized, but together we fight for our lost causes and I know we will win.

That’s why I write.  I write to recall to mind the past which must inform every action.  I write to explore the present, the beautiful and the horrible, things that should be preserved and things that should be changed, and the all the everyday occurrences which offer insight or relief or a bit of humor.  And I write my vision for the future, to share with you what I truly believe can be.

What’s my niche?  I write about feminism.  I write informed by all the years I spent growing up in Christian fundamentalism, a culture which haunts me though I’ve fully rejected it.  I’m currently exploring ideas of anarchism, a radical anti-authoritarian critique which I believe is extremely under-rated.  And I write what I know.  If I don’t talk much about an issue, it doesn’t mean I don’t care, it simply means I feel that others can talk about it much better than I, as an outsider, ever could.

I want you, my dear lost cause revolutionaries, to stand your ground. I want you to always stand with your sisters and brothers, especially those who have even less power than you do.  I want you to love everyone, always, because love is where we find the power to change the world.

All photographs were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


Update: Comment policy:

I screen all comments and reserve the right to publish or delete any comment at any time.

Be forewarned: any defense of someone’s right to murder and any rape apologism will henceforth be deleted without reply.


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