Announcing: #Amtrek28

This fall, I will be taking a trip around the country on Amtrak! While on the train, my goal is to write basically non-stop, producing a travel journal/memoir over a period of 11 days. I will be posting a very short daily update on this blog, as well as photos on my instagram.

Dates: Departing New York on October 23, returning Nov 3

Itinerary: (click here to see the Amtrak map) New York – Washington, DC – Chicago – LA (via the Southwest Chief) – Portland – Chicago (via the Empire Builder) – New York

Why #Amtrek28: The first part of the hashtag is a mild and rather obvious pun, but the 28 might need a little explanation. I am 28 this year, and according to astrology this puts me at the beginning of my Saturn return. Whether the movement of planetary bodies is responsible or not, the concept of experiencing major growth and life change from ages 28-30 seems to hold true. In general, it’s believed that this period of time (when Saturn returns to the astrological sign it was in when one was born) is a catalyst for discovering and pursuing the things that one came into this world to do. This involves grappling with and cutting away old patterns, often as received from family or society, and becoming more clear-sighted about one’s own values and skills and how to live them out. The beginning phase of one’s life is over, and it’s time to decide what to do with everything that has been received and that has happened in the prior 27 or so years. It is expected that important career changes will take place during this time.

Personally, much of my life has been marked by transformation of one kind or another, but this past year has seemed especially intense. I’ve been deeply engaging with the idea of taking personal responsibility for my life and beliefs, especially through an anarchist lens. Right before my birthday this year, I quit my restaurant job and I am currently working on enough independent projects that I hope I will not have to work for somebody else like that again. That includes finally taking my writing seriously, which is the only thing in my life that I’ve truly known I wanted to do ever since I knew how. Up until now I have had a track record of playing things fairly safe as far as material security goes, so this should be interesting.

This journey is not only the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had for a while, to take a trip by land around the country, but also a way to chronicle my life as I enter upon some major changes. Join me!


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