Introducing My New Patreon!

I haven’t yet nailed down a job here in New York, although I am searching and my resume is looking pretty spiffy if I do say so myself. Last time I searched for a job this hard, I had no experience at anything and nearly got sucked into that knife-selling thing before finally landing a job at McDonald’s!

But what I’ve always been intending to do is to make writing more of a priority here. I’m going to be posting more on this blog and working on other projects to hopefully get published. In addition to all that, I am launching a Patreon. If you aren’t familiar with Patreon, this is where you can support me with an ongoing monthly donation, beginning at as little as a dollar a month, to receive access to exclusive content and all types of special rewards. Go to my patreon page for more information on what exactly these rewards are!

Why Patreon? Because it allows you the opportunity to support my work, it helps me get paid for the work I do, and it motivates and enables me to write more.

“But why support you at Patreon if you’re still blogging here?” Good question! My Patreon will include short fiction as well as essays which you won’t see here. It will also include updates on life as I settle into living in New York. And, since I have been writing since I was about six years old, I will be publishing things I wrote a very long time ago which will never be available anywhere else. And that’s just the beginning! At higher support levels you will get to see rough drafts of projects I’m working on and even suggest topics for me to write about.

For access to all of this, go to and become a patron today!


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