To Be Or Not To Be: Danielle’s Story

As a campaign to build solidarity among bisexual and pansexual people, I asked for people to send me their stories.  This piece is from Danielle. You can follow her on Twitter @xoxodhamilton

To be, or not to be: that is the question.

As a child I always paid more attention to the girls. Stared a little longer than others, and why do I think Angelina looks way better than Brad? Either way how do you tell anyone about it. I knew myself before anyone did, I knew one day I’d have to show my true self but growing up my parents accepted it of everyone but me so what do you do. THANKGOD at this point I hadn’t had any real crush. I had my share of boyfriends and loved it.

Then I met her. She was so beautiful, i would be so mean to her. I mean I even joined an after school drama class to just look at her.
However, once summer commenced i was at a friends house and she invited this other girl over.. And what do you know, it was her. After our friend fell asleep we sat and wrote notes to each other in this notebook all night long.. Her every word was my encore to continue.
We became inseparable.

Then it was that time, time to tell someone so I told my best friend, who totally accepted.

School soon started again so i never broadcasted it but it was a known thing. You hear your fair share of how? And why? But you realize there’s not an explanation and you are forever who you are.

But not everyone understands that.

I made it official on MySpace (when people had that) and soon my parents found out and thought I was disgusting and wrong. Which is hard to hear. I simply asked “why can’t you accept me for who I am?” They replied “because who you are is wrong” They think it’s a phase, still to this day. Goes to show someone will always object to who you are.

I’m not going to say it was all easy. However here is what I’ve learned: you’re most comfortable when you accept yourself because you will forever be who you are and nothing can change it deep down.

Majority of people are ignorant, and ignorance is bliss I guess.


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