Open Call For Stories [ongoing]

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Hello my wonderful bisexual and pansexual friends, all of you out there who aren’t gay or straight!

As you may know I recently wrote my coming-out blogpost.  In order to build bisexual and pansexual solidarity, I am now asking for your stories.

They don’t have to be your coming out story.  I just want to hear about your life as someone who doesn’t fit in the gay/straight binary.  Maybe how it’s affected your romantic/sexual relationships.  Maybe your struggles with visibility.  Maybe something else.

Please know your privacy will be absolutely respected. If you want to be published anonymously or under a pseudonym or under your real name, whatever works for you is what I will do.  Just because I came out doesn’t mean I think you need to!  Solidarity means being supportive whether or not someone chooses to come out.

It is important for all of us to know that we are not alone. That bisexuals and pansexuals exist, that our sexuality is just as natural as any other queer or non-queer identity.

You can email me at or tweet me @bohemianfaith if you’re interested.  Also, use the hashtags #bisolidarity and #pansolidarity to meet each other & talk about what our sexuality means for our lives.

Stories already posted in this series:

The Invisible B (my own story)

I could pick a side…but I won’t — reblogged from yetanotherlefty

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, This Poem Sucks, I’m Bisexual: Keith’s Story (follow the author on Twitter @KeithFavre)

It’s Who I Am: Lucas’ Story (follow the author on Twitter @SadWhaleFamily)

To Be Or Not To Be: Danielle’s Story (follow the author on Twitter @xoxodhamilton)

It Shouldn’t Have To Be A Secret: an anonymous contribution

Life, Take 2: Courgette’s Story (follow the author on Twitter @CourgetteAubgne)

Bisexual Rationality: Betty Lightbulb’s Story

(Un)Seen: J’s Story


One thought on “Open Call For Stories [ongoing]

  1. I recently wrote a post about some of the challenges of identifying as bisexual (It’s here). There are a lot, I’m sure several that just didn’t come to mind or that I haven’t experienced. One thing I skipped is that “coming out” wasn’t an incident so much as a constant process for me. People need reminding: yes, I’m married, no; not seeing anyone else (at the moment); yes, still bi. It can be an energy toll. At what point is it just not worth it to correct every person who assumes I’m straight and monogamous?

    Stepping back though, I’m glad of it. Not the challenges, though being forced into critical thought and articulacy early has been useful. What I’m glad of are the relationships I’ve been lucky enough to build, the friends and partners and lovers of many genders who are not only amazing as individuals but form a small community of folks who don’t need to be corrected about what a word as simple as “bisexual” means. And that, among many other things, is why we need bisolidarity.

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