A Brief Hiatus

I’m back!  I spent several days in Seattle, a much needed vacation during which I even went off Twitter for a few days.

When possible, I always love to explore a city guided by a resident of that city.  My cousin lives in and loves Settle so seeing the city with her was great.  I saw three of the four operas in Wagner’s Ring Cycle (it was the dress rehearsal and my cousin works for the opera so I had the amazing opportunity to see this world-acclaimed show for free).  We also spent a day out on the peninsula (as we are from Michigan we call it the “side peninsula” to distinguish from our home state’s upper and lower peninsulas), hiking on a cold Northwest beach, and sampling the region’s signature lavender in the form of lavender mochas.  That evening we went to an off-beat, awesome club which I found out later appears in Macklemore’s Thrift Shop video.   And the food!  Being a vegetarian, I found every location in the city had a wide array of food I could eat, in all sorts of delicious varieties I’d never imagined.

After I got back, I intended, like a good blogger, to write a whole post about how sometimes it’s necessary to take a vacation in order to avoid burnout and how wonderful it can be to just take some personal time.  But I got caught up in helping friends move and catching up with said friends, resulting in spending almost my entire weekend hanging out and going out, and by the time tonight rolled around, I felt like the contemplated post would be a bit pretentious and stodgy, and I’m simply not in the mood.

So I will have something substantive for you tomorrow, on a different topic, but for now I will simply leave you with a snapshot of the beautiful view from my cousin’s apartment window.



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