What I’ve Been Reading 07/10 to 07/16

I’m so sorry I haven’t put together one of these in a while.  I’ve got a lot of stuff backed up but I’m mostly sticking to items from this week or from important news headlines.

First of all, I’ve read so many good things related to the Zimmerman trial and the murder of Trayvon Martin.   Here’s Mychal Denzel Smith writing for The Nation, covering so many of the factors present in the trial, the verdict, and the subsequent solidarity rallies.  Also at The Nation, Allison Kilkenny focuses on the rallies and vigils and the media’s reaction to them.

One of the best things I’ve seen is this interview with Trayvon Martin’s close friend Rachel Jeantel, as she articulates many of the factors of race and class present in the trial which the media and everyone in the courtroom seemed so blind to.  Those same factors were also explored very well  in an article about Jeantel’s testimony on the blog “The Sistah Vegan Project.”

There are so many excellent and heartbreaking articles out there about race in America, and I encourage you to go find them, especially if you’re a white person who has never had to think about these things before.  Listen, learn, and be open to discussion.  Here are three which I found especially challenging and thought-provoking:  “Trayvon Martin: A Mother’s Lament In Black, White, and Brown” and “Black, LGBT, American,” and finally an article which really hit close to home, “Fear and Consequences: George Zimmerman and the Protection of White Womanhood.”

Jacobin magazine is getting sued over this article “CounterPunch and the War on Transgender People”, precisely because it is such an excellent piece calling out transphobic radical feminists.

During the Texas hearings over new anti-choice restrictions, one woman hit such a nerve she was bodily hauled away from the podium.  Here’s an interview with her from the Daily Kos.  If you’re interested in the pro-choice movement you should follow her on Twitter @VictorianPrude.

Finally, on a much lighter note, three things all about sex in one way or another.

If you want to feel terrifically uncomfortable and also laugh quite a bit, watch this video of Russell Brand interviewing some guys from Westboro Baptist Church.

In response to a pearl-clutching concern-trolling article in the New York Times about the sexual habits of female students, Moly Knefel wrote this great response.

And finally, I was a little reluctant to read this piece by Veronica Varlow about 3 Ways to Know if Someone is Great in Bed…All Before the Dessert Arrives, because it sounded like some lady-mag fluff, but I’m glad I did because she actually speaks to some excellent relationship truths, explaining how the way someone eats a meal can be very revelatory of their character.


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