What I’ve Been Reading (06/12 thru 06/18)

Wednesday again already?  Lucky for you, because I’ve got a really great collection of articles (and a couple videos!) for you.  So strap in, because here we go:

First off, here are some substantive articles about the NSA/PRISM news story (by “substantive” I mean they do not pick apart the motives, attitudes, or personal lives of any person involved in the story).  Communities of color are no strangers to “national security” being used as a reason to circumvent due process rights, and they can tell us that that logic is a slippery slope.  If you (or your friends) are still caught up on partisan finger-pointing, read this article arguing that this story is about liberty, not about any particular political party.  And finally, if you think you’re totally okay with surveillance since you have nothing to hide, think again.

A couple of stories this week on the topic of Christians being horrible to people for no reason.  First, there’s this ugly incident (warning: article contains hate speech) where a Christian blogger issues what he views as a righteous response to a formerly homeschooled teen who wrote a blogpost entitled “7 Ways Christian homeschooling parents can support LGBT kids.”  And don’t worry, I’m not just ragging on conservatives!  Here’s the story of something that went down on Twitter and on various blogs over the course of a month or so, in which emergent pastor Tony Jones just cannot take criticism or even remotely consider checking his privilege.

Here’s an article which I almost hesitated to include because it’s very long and rambly, but the research it is talking about is going to be significant once it gets off the ground.  A neuroscientist is studying poverty’s effects on the brain, and there are some really cool insights contained within this article; it is well worth the read.

Before we get into depressing stories about gender issues, here’s Lindy West explaining why it is not your job to educate every troll on the internet.  There, that felt good, didn’t it?

This article is really good although it’s not news to women who have been through college: it’s nearly impossible to get a campus rape prosecuted correctly, and most college rapists have committed more than one rape (as a side note, it is in fact true that most rapists are serial rapists, which means when we say 1 in 6 women will be assaulted in her lifetime, or whatever that statistic is, we are not saying 1 in 6 men are rapists. So calm down, MRA’s.)  Also DO NOT CLICK THIS FOLLOWING LINK unless you are prepared for a shit ton of victim-blaming language: Feministing blogger takes apart a batshit crazy conservative who claims sexual assault in the military isn’t a problem because [insert horrifyingly sexist, victim-blaming reasons here].

If you ever thought being pregnant in itself would difficult, please read this article about being queer and pregnant.  It makes me incredibly angry that sexuality would ever be used as an impediment to reproductive health care, yet that is the case in our world today.

On an uplifting note, here’s some great thoughts on the necessity of hope to all of us as humans.

Some Cambridge students are asking people why they need feminism, and here are some of the responses.

On the topic of England, I need to confess right now that I have a huge crush on Laurie Penny.  Here’s a video of her discussing class, patriarchy, socialism, and so on, being articulate and insightful as always.

And finally, as a reward for getting to the end of this post, remember that Cheerios ad a couple weeks ago which people were being excessively racist about for no reason? Watch this response. Eat it, haters!


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