What I’ve Been Reading

I’m starting a new feature on this blog, collecting some of the best articles I’ve read in the past week for all of you lovely readers.  I’m also throwing in some podcast episodes, videos, and music too, as the occasion arises. Let’s hear it for the internet!


The Guardian’s coverage of the police clearing Taksim Square of protestors yesterday is exciting live update journalism of still-unfolding events in Turkey.

In case you missed it, here is the original article by Glenn Greenwald initially breaking the story of NSA surveillance of American citizens.

And, instead of reading the endless articles debating who this Snowden guy is and why he did what he did, let’s go really meta and read this awesome Gawker article about some of the most stupid shit people are saying about the whole situation.

In very related news, here’s a little something from earlier in the week talking about the point everyone’s missing when they discuss Bradley Manning (and, by extension, any obsession over a leaker instead of over the data that was leaked).

Finally, in a brilliant synthesis, Laurie Penny weighs in by connecting Manning, Snowden, the hacker who was most prominent in the Steubenville case (and will serve a prison term five times longer than the Steubenville rapists will serve), and the secrecy/nothing-to-see-here attitude demanded by patriarchy and other systems of oppression.

Horrifyingly, transgender people in Greece are being specifically targeted by the police in a terrifically unjust crackdown.

Try to wrap your head around this story which talks about the horror faced by so many mentally ill people in America, who because of poor mental health care end up in jails where they face little to no treatment and an extra amount of abuse.

There’s been a recent upsurge in debate surrounding the legitimacy of rape jokes, and trolls on the internet have been so awful that Jim Norton had to write this article asking his fans to please not send rape/death threats to Lindy West.  For a funny and insightful interview with Lindy West on the topic of rape jokes and rape culture in general, check out this episode of the Citizen Radio podcast (it’s so good I listened to it twice).

And finally, a delicious takedown from Jezebel writer Katie Baker of Live Action’s tips for pro-life gentlemen on how to keep their women from having an abortion, the climax of which is the unlikely advice to get a restraining order (against my uterus? What? How would that even work?)


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